A circular blue seal bearing the phrase "WELL Health-Safety Rated" in white letters

This location is WELL Health-Safety Rated

From handwashing support and cleaning practices to health services and air and water quality monitoring protocols, this facility has been comprehensively reviewed and rated to help support the health and safety of everyone who walks through the door. 
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How does it work?

We're glad you asked. The WELL Health-Safety Rating seal is a visual mark that this facility:

Keeps spaces clean and sanitized
Helps everyone prepare for an emergency
Provides essential health benefits and services
Evaluates air and water quality
Communicates health and safety efforts
A glass door bears the WELL Health-Safety Rated 2020 seal, including a QR code for visitors to learn more
Look for the seal

The seal is a visual mark of this facility’s commitment to supporting the health and safety of their staff, customers and community. Now that you understand all the work behind this achievement, we hope you look for the seal and enter WELL Health-Safety Rated spaces with confidence. After all - this commitment is for you

What makes it stand out?


Informed by Research 

Grounded in the world’s premier evidence-based framework for advancing health and well-being in buildings and spaces of all kinds: the WELL Building Standard.

Powered by Experts

One of the first outcomes from the IWBI Task Force on COVID-19 - a collection of nearly 600 experts across public health, design, real estate, government and academia.

Validated by a third-party

There is no cutting corners here. Each feature is third-party verified to ensure that the proper evidence-based measures have been adopted.

Get to know IWBI

The International WELL Building Institute™ (IWBI™) is a passionate team of doers and go-getters working to improve human health, wellness and productivity in the buildings, organizations and communities where we spend our lives. IWBI delivers the cutting-edge WELL Building Standard™ (WELL), the leading global rating system and the first to be focused exclusively on the ways that buildings, and everything in them, can improve our comfort, drive better choices, and generally enhance, not compromise, our health and wellness. WELL used by more than 35,000 projects in over 100 countries and spanning more than 3.3 billion square feet of real estate around the world.

With WELL as their vehicle, IWBI helps to translate what we know into what we practice. Learn more about how you can too.